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ONALABS Healthcare was born as an ambitious, technological and emotional Project for the development of non-invasive clinical monitoring Systems by means of chemical microsensors and miniaturized biosensors. And was born from the newborn, from the beginning of life, from the situation of infants with congenital heart disease who have undergone surgery and require thorough monitoring in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Those children are subjected to 6-8 daily blood extractions to analyze a series of physiological parameters: lactate, pH, CO2 and glucose. Para ello se les introduce una vía -catéter- exclusiva para las extracciones. In 10 days of average stay in the ICU is extracted ¼ part of their body blood, 62.5 ml of the 250 ml of total blood, with the consequences that this implies.


Our business Project began in December 2016 as a result of the joining of a clinician, a scientist, an expert in innovation and an expert in business management, with the aim to reduce and minimize as much as possible these situations of hospitalization that chronic patients suffer from, and to provide them a greater degree of well-being and quality of life. In addition, economic benefits will be obtained in reducing expenditure of the health system by applying the non-invasive monitoring solution that we propose.

Competitive advantage

Point-of-care (POC) technologies designed to provide rapid clinical diagnoses at or near the patient care point and based on known biomarkers are already being used to control patients with heart and lung chronic diseases. However, all of them are based on blood tests, a fact that limits their use exclusively to medical institutions and analytical laboratories. ONALABS Healthcare has designed and developed a non-invasive monitoring solution for physiological parameters, using specific biosensors, integrated into wearable devices, that capture the reactions of the metabolite components, being able to measure any chemical-biochemical parameter that rises through sweat.

Market need

Cardiac and respiratory diseases are the first and the fourth leading cause of mortality, respectively, in western societies, leading to more than 20 million deaths in 2012 worldwide. The scope of these pathologies includes patients of all ages and to all of them ONALABS Healthcare will offer comprehensive non-invasive continuous monitoring solutions. ONALABS Healthcare wants to become the benchmark company in the early care of the state of health of People with cardio-respiratory diseases and improve both their wellbeing and quality of life.

Product description

The medical device Will consist of a permanent usable or wearable element which embeds electronics and communications, and an expendable element with a structure that captures the sweat, a storage structure and a multisensor module that will perform the analytics. The permanent element will be designed together with external industrial designers and now is open in terms of materials and their position in the body. On the other hand, the structures for fluid management and the sensor module, which will be composed of 4 sensors, will be available on a disposable and flexible substrate. The Hospital Vall d’Hebron and the University of Burgos are participating.

Business opportunity

ONALABS Healthcare will allow professionals but also patients, family members and caregivers to measure relevant biomarkers at anytime and anywhere and to detect and control the possible incipient clinical impairment. This would create the opportunity to run strategies of management and self-management and would reduce hospitalization time and prevent from unnecessary treatments.

Target market

ONALABS Healthcare is aimed at two distinctly differentiated markets, the health market covering the monitoring of heart and lung diseases and diabetes, and the sport market for both professional sports clinicians and amateur athletes.