OnaLabs | Social Impact
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Social Impact

ONALABS Healthcare puts the spotlight on three of the four leading non-communicable diseases (NCDs) identified by the WHO that kill 40 million People each year, which is equivalent to 70% of deaths occurring worldwide: cardiovascular disease, respiratory diseases and diabetes. 1


According to WHO “85% of premature NCD deaths occurred in developing countries, including 41% in low-and middle-income countries, in which the probability of death due to NCD between 30 and 70 years is up to four times higher than in developed countries. Most of the 15 million premature NCD deaths could have been prevented or delayed”. 2


ONALABS Healthcare is born as a social project and wants to grow as a social project, so one of the strong pillars within the strategic plan of the company is to encompass not only the needs of the developed countries but to work for the improvement and sustainability of developing countries. Thus, contributing to the global plan of action for the prevention and control of Non-Communicable Diseases lead by WHO and ratified by 194 countries, which aims to reduce the premature mortality rate from NCD by one third by 2030 through prevention and treatment, that is goal 3.4 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).