This is who we are

At Onalabs, we believe that the value of innovation is in giving it meaning.And, if we talk about sport and health,even more.

We want people's life  easier with respect and care.  Therefore, we offer comprehensive non-invasive continuous monitoring solutions to monitor physiological biomarkers through sweat,  in a simple and affordable way.


We innovate because we care about people's well-being.


We are committed to improve their performance, enhance their empowerment and help them maintain their health well-being in their daily lives.

Gentle bio-measuring Comprehensive solutions for continuous non-invasive monitoring

We create devices to make people's lives easier by monitoring their parameters without even noticing it. No pain, no discomfort, wherever they are. During the practice of sport or in their day to day. The first focus is on the measurement of lactate, focusing our project initially on the world of sport. However, we have in our pipeline other biomarkers, among which the measurement of glucose level, aimed at the diabetic patient, stands out.

We develop non-invasive smart devices to measure relevant biomarkers anytime, anywhere

To make people's lives easier and safer by monitoring their parameters. 

To help professionals improving prevention, diagnostic, treatment and protocols. 

To reduce healthcare costs by home hospitalization.

Our technology / R&D

Onalabs technology converts sweat in an intelligent biofluid and skin in a data platform.

Our R&D project is based on our core technology or non-invasive remote continuous sensor technology platform for biomarker monitoring.

The sensors that we have developed and patented measure relevant parameters for the user and for the professional, either if we are talking about sport or purely about health.



Through biochemical sensors that convert the biomarker signal into an electrical signal, digital readings of the level being observed are possible.


The biomarker level is measured continuously, which gives much more useful information in real time, allowing better planning and decision making.


The results are transmitted by different communication systems, being bluetooth the most commonly used. Thus, all the information can be transmitted to a smartwatch, a smartphone, a tablet or a computer.


Sampling of the biomarker will be done through sweat, rather than in blood or interstitial fluid. This is the most innovative part of our R&D project and where we have the greatest challenges in our development plan.

Hospital at home

Home hospitalization will be a reality thanks to Onalabs’s Smart Technology.

There is an urgent need to reduce hospitalizations to get a more efficient use of healthcare resources by decreasing costs and, as we have seen with the COVID-19reducing the risk of collapse.

Hospitalization at home is a clear need. Nevertheless, most current biomarkers analysis, such as lactate, glucose or cortisol require blood samples being a barrier to their utility in real-time monitoring not allowing accurate diagnoses and treatments.


Your glucose levels controlled anytime, anywhere through sweat

El primer dispositivo (parche) de control de glucosa continuo, remoto y no invasivo, a través del sudor para ayudar a los pacientes en la gestión diaria de la diabetes. Conectado al teléfono inteligente, u otros dispositivos o sistemas de salud. Los motores de inteligencia artificial darán a los pacientes recomendaciones nutricionales y de salud en todo momento.

Medicina Deportiva

A new paradigm in the way we train

The perfect ally for athletes that allows them to improve their performance to achieve the best results..
Its real time lactate measurement allows for much better planning and execution of training sessions, achieving greater muscular efficiency without harming the athlete's cardiovascular health.

Lactate reader

It is the device for continuous measurement of the lactate level through sweat. It is a device in patch format to be placed in the chest area, very easy to use and that connects by bluetooth with a Smartwatch (sport watch) worn by the athlete. It can also be connected to a Smartphone (mobile phone) or other devices that have a Bluetooth connection.


The spare part or consumable of this device consists of the adhesive patch that must be attached to the L10 device by means of the small guides at the base of the L10. This refill contains the lactate sensor and is for single use only, i.e. it must be changed at each training session or competition in which it is used.

We believe in our values

For us, success is more and more people enjoying a higher quality of life through our technology. To facilitate the monitoring of their main parameters through innovative and reliable devices. To be by their side so that they feel more free and to improve their performance in sport. We are persevering because our dream is to make the dream of others come true.
Research is part of our DNA. Our R&D team works to create avant-garde solutions that pose a before and after in the measurement during sport or in health management. We are disruptive, we have the technology and expertise to do it.
We want to empower people, to contribute to their freedom through intelligent solutions, focused on their real needs, facilitating their daily care. Health begins with the knowledge of our own body, and our greatest encouragement is to achieve it in a non-invasive and rigorous way.
Health should be a universal right and at Onalabs we want to reach out to all people. To sportspeople, to patients and to professionals. We are plural, collaborative and global. Because by improving people's health, we will contribute to improving the world in which we live.

Social Impact and Sustainability

We are not only committed to improving sports performance and people's well-being. We are highly committed to caring for the environment. That's why our entire corporate strategy and our products are 100% aligned with sustainability and social impact.






We believe in respeto respect and care, and we want to make people's life by monitoring physiological biomarkers through sweat, simply and affordably.

We want to improve their performance, empower them and help them maintain their health and their health well-being in their daily lives.

We are ambitious, yes, but above all we are emotional and empathetic.

Finally, we are convinced that the key is not in innovating, but in what we achieve through innovation: improving the performance of athletes and the lives of people..

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