Elisabet del Valle

Co-founder & CEO

An expert in innovation and emotional intelligence, with experience as head of technology transfer in recognized medical research organizations, she is responsible for intellectual property, regulatory, social impact and legal aspects.

Xavier Muñoz

Co-founder & CSO

Research professor in microelectronics and co-founder of 6 start-up companies, responsible for the definition, execution and quality of the product.

Josep Cardona

Partner & CCO/BD

Pharmacist & MBA Business development, innovation and strategy in healthcare.

Jaime Punter


European PhD in Engineering and Advanced Technologies from the University of Barcelona (Cum Laude, 2016). He has been the head of multi-disciplinary engineering teams for healthcare device development in multiple international institutions and start-ups.

Javier Aguilar

Electronic Engineer

Electronic Engineer specialized in the development of biomedical devices in highly multidisciplinary environments. He is currently doing an industrial doctorate in Engineering and Applied Sciences at Onalabs.

Genís Rabost

Bio-medical engineer

Bachelor of Nanotechnology and Master in Biomedical Engineering, specialist in microfluidic systems with biomedical applications. Currently, he is doing an industrial doctorate at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia in collaboration with Onalabs.

Hardware, Software and Firmware Developer Project Manager

Doctor en ingeniería electrónica, máster en microelectrónica, diseño y aplicaciones de sistemas micro/nanométricos y profesor asociado de la Universidad de Barcelona.

Biomedic Engineer

MSc. Ingeniería Biomédica – Técnico en Aplicaciones y Desarrollo con Python – Ingeniera en Electrónica y Control


Nanotecnologa especialista en la caracterización de dispositivos biomédicos. Máster de ingeniería biomédica en la UPC.

Firmware Developer

Graduada en Ingeniería de telecomunicaciones por la Università degli Studi di Cassino e del Lzaio Meridionale y Master en ingeniería electrónica por la Wrexham Glyndwr University.